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Rise up Strong! (Part 1)

“For the attack has come very, very strong, even more strongly than you realized, because you were not able to see into the realm of the spirit as I see,” saith the Lord. “But, if you could have seen just how close you came, if you could have seen, it would have caused great fear and great apprehension.”

“But,” saith the Lord, “because you had positioned yourself, I was able to come. Because of your willingness and your hunger for truth, I was able to come and to rescue. Do not think by any stretch of the imagination,” I hear the Lord saying, “that you’ve gotten past all of that attack or that you’ve gotten past all that was taken out of you. For the attack that was so strong did begin to sap some of your strength, but I have called you together for such a time as this, that I may prepare you now and that I may strengthen you, that I may restore all that the locust has eaten and all that the caterpillar has eaten, and all that has been lost shall be restored as you seek My face, as you minister to Me and as you wait upon Me; all that could have been accomplished shall be restored and nothing shall be lacking.”

“So, know that I’ve called you for such a time as this. Know that I’ve called you in this time and to this season. And know that I am here to meet with you. For I did not call you together to leave you alone, but I’ve called you together that I might meet with you and that I might fellowship with you on a whole new level, so that you might rise up strong in your spirit and shake yourself even as Samson would rise up and shake himself and all the bands and all the bonds that the enemy put upon him would all fall off.”

“So shall it be with you, for in this hour that you have answered the call and in this time when you have purposed to seek my face,” saith the Lord,” you shall come out strong. You shall rise up strong and some things shall be restored even this week in the process, not six weeks, six months, or six years down the road, but even this very week things shall change. There shall be a turning. There shall be a turning and some things that looked so hopeless and looked so helpless [will turn around]. Some of things that looked like they were totally lost [will be restored]. You felt so helpless that you didn’t know what to do, but there will be a renewal of your confidence and of your faith, for I shall move mightily. I shall move mightily. I shall move mightily,” saith the Lord, “and there shall be a restoration. And all that the enemy has come to steal, and even what he did steal and even what he did slow down, even what he did hinder, shall be restored. Not only shall you go that mile, but you’ll go another also.”


Prophecy given by Apostle David Coker

September 12, 2011

(end part one)




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