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Rise Up Strong! (part 2)

“For all that will be accomplished in the spirit in this time of seeking shall be manifested in the natural realm for all to see, and then you’ll rejoice. But why don’t you just go ahead and rejoice right now?” saith the Lord. “Why don’t you just go ahead and rejoice in advance? For if you believe My Word and if you believe what I have said, then you’ll go ahead and begin to rejoice even this night.” Hallelujah!

“Some of you have been so pressed down, but now there’s going to be a lifting up. You have been so pressed down, but now there’s going to be a freedom. Your feet have been bound in shackles, but now you are kicking them off! [For you will be] as Paul and Silas who, in the midst of their bonds, began to pray and to sing praises unto God and an earthquake came and the bonds were loosed! And guess what? Not only were they loosed, but all the other prisoners were loosed also! So you see, this is about you getting loose, but not you getting loose just for you.  It’s for all the other prisoners around you who have never been loosed but are going to be set free also.”

“For you see, I the Lord have said, ‘It’s enough!’ I the Lord have said, ‘Enough!’ I the Lord have said it, even like I did when Goliath was coming out on the hillside and threatening and blaspheming My Name and threatening my people. He went out there for forty days, but his forty days came to an end. I gave him a space, but after that space of time, I said, ‘This is enough!’ And I say to you tonight that I the Lord have said, ‘It’s enough!’”

“It’s not good enough just for Me to say it,” saith the Lord, “but I want you to say, ‘It’s enough!’ And if you’ll say what I say, then I declare that you will be as David. You will have the proper tools that you need. You will have the weaponry. You will have the armor, and you will bring down the giant! Not only will you bring him down, but you will remove his head from his body so that he never is able to rise again!”

Somebody ought to praise the Lord! Hallelujah.

“For darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people, but it’s your time to rise and shine,” saith the Lord, “for thy light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. And it will be with you even as it was with the children of Israel when all the darkness came over the land of Egypt, but in the house of the righteous, in the house of the children of God, there was always light. The darkness of this world will not penetrate your life. It will not penetrate your house, for I have hid you,” saith the Lord. “I have hidden you in the cleft of the rock. So, don’t expect what’s coming on the world to come on you. Don’t expect what’s going on in the economy to come on you, because you’re not like the world. I have called you out of the world and I need you for such a time as this. I need your faith. I need your supply. I need your anointing. I need your spirit. I need the gifting that I’ve put in you. I need you to rise and shine,” saith the Lord, “and you can do it tonight because it is My Word and My Command! For you see, there’s a restoration of the anointing to pray and to birth and travail, but [there is] also [an anointing] to rise up and to take your place and take your authority!”

Prophecy given by Apostle David Coker, September 12, 2011

Illustration by Andy Coker. Visit Andy’s site to see more of his drawings:


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  1. “Celebrate good times, come on.” God times are coming! Hallelujah!

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