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Isaac, Jacob, Samson and John the Baptist were all children of barren women. Each one of these women reached a place in their life of impossibility. Physically, their bodies were past the age of child bearing. Mentally, they accepted their circumstances as truth. But God had another plan and purpose.

While these women from the Bible were all barren physically, there is such a thing as being barren spiritually. In my life, there are things that are sterile and not producing. One of those things is song writing.

As a member of the praise team, one of our mandates is to write music. Prophesy has been given to confirm this mandate, but I thought it didn’t apply to me. I wasn’t there when the prophesy came, so I should be exempt, right?

Wrong! I had let myself become content with the way things were. I didn’t see myself as a writer, so why put forth the effort? God has plans to do in and through us what we can’t do on our own. If we could do them on our own, then where does faith come in? If I can’t do it on my own, then I am forced to start trusting God. When God does a thing, then only he can get the glory for it.

I am not smart enough or grammatically correct enough to write a song. Neither am I musically sound enough to compose a song on my own. But… I dare to trust God and His word.

I am expecting God to continue to birth some things in and through me. What about you? What areas in your life are not producing anything? What areas are lifeless? What areas have you accepted the way they are? What areas do you feel are impossible?

I would dare to say there are areas of barrenness in all of our lives. God desires to do mighty things if we will let Him. Dare to trust, dare to believe, and dare to take Him at his word!

~by guest contributor, Christe Grzehowiak


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