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How often do we want to fit in?  How many times do we look at ourselves and compare ourselves to others?  I know that I am guilty. It seems that all I want to do is be like everyone else in every aspect of my life. I am fully aware that it is impossible, yet I waste so much of my time striving for something that is never going to come to pass. When we first started coming to Gateway on a regular basis, I mentioned the church to a few co-workers and friends. It seemed that no one had a problem with the term apostle or speaking in tongues or even many other things that we believes in as an Apostolic church. However, as we have been studying on evangelism, I have been striving to be more outgoing and evangelistic. I quickly learned that the reason no one had a problem with my church was because I hadn’t been sharing the experiences that happen at Gateway. As I began to share these experiences, I quickly learned that I attend a church like no other in this territory! Needless to say, many of my closest Christian friends have ostracized me because of what I believe and who I am becoming in Christ.

It is easy to stand up for what you believe in when you’re under the mighty corporate anointing like the one that is present at Gateway, but in the work place or anywhere else that you may be outside of the church walls, it might be a bit of a struggle, especially if you are trying to fit in and be like everyone else. Just remember that God created everyone with individual traits and uniqueness. Not one person on this planet is exactly the same, and all of us together make up the perfect plan of God. If we are trying to be someone else, how are we going to fulfill our individual purpose? If God had wanted you to be someone else, He would have made you someone else! If we meditate on who we are in Christ, we can overcome the need to be like everyone else. As I do that, I become more and more settled in knowing that God sent my family here to Gateway for a purpose and we intend to find that purpose and fulfill it in every way possible!

~by Christi Duncan


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