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Are We There Yet?

Have you ever been to a corn maze? These mazes are designed to be both fun and challenging. Recently, a friend and I went to one, and my experience there made me realize how much time we spend thinking about how to get out of tangled situations in our lives.

In life, just as in the maze, we tend to think, “Is this the right direction? Where will this path lead me?” Suddenly, a clue appears out of nowhere – a glimmer of hope to brighten our journey. But did we interpret the clues correctly? Did they mean left or right? When my friend and I visited the corn maze, we knew we had to keep going in order to get out, but we just seemed to be heading into more and more confusion with all the endless circles. We had no idea how much longer all the confusion would last! Soon our legs and feet became very tired, and our cold hands and wet clothes from the weather didn’t help much either! People passed us going in the opposite direction, which added to our confusion and doubts. We asked them if they were near the end, but they were in the same boat we were!

Employees throughout the maze appeared from time-to-time out of nowhere to give us encouragement. “You’re doing a great job,” they would say. Those five words were a great pleasure to hear, but the circles of the maze still caused increasing frustration for us. We saw a lit tower and tried to work our way to it, but we still began to get upset because the answer to the maze wasn’t coming quickly enough for us. In our fatigue, we began to make wrong decisions and wrong turns. We were feeling helpless, hopeless, frustrated and exhausted.  Then the relief we needed finally came, bringing freedom from the anger, frustration, and hopelessness. No more going round and round in circles! Joy came and fear left! We made it to the end and felt proud of ourselves for not giving up.

Doesn’t this remind you of our life? We tend to think, “Why is God so far away; where is He?” We shed a lot of tears, pray and look for clues in our Bibles, but sometimes we still feel that we may never find the answers. We tend to ask the wrong people in hopes of getting the right answers. The good news is that God is always nearby! He will never leave us or forsake us according to Hebrews 10:5. If you find yourself lost, confused, or frustrated like my friend and I were in that maze, just stop for a minute and realize that He is right there with you, guiding you with His light, encouraging you and helping you find the clues in His Word to solve life‘s problems. Don’t give up; just ask Him to lead you and you will come out victorious in the end!

~by guest contributor, Gay Dowdy



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