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One of the mental images I have recurring in my mind during this seeking time is a fiesty candlestick named Lumiere singing “lumpy fat and lazy, you come in and ups-a-daisy…”. I confess that I have become “lumpy, fat and lazy” in different areas of my life: spiritually, mentally, and bodily.

Why am I in this condition? Because I have allowed my flesh to have control over my life instead of my spirit man. So this seeking time, I have purposed to attack the rule of my flesh in all aspects of my being: spirit, soul and body. I’ve committed to spend time each day towards developing myself spiritually, intellectually, and physically.

I wanted to share this with everyone because sometimes we think that mortifying our flesh can only be accomplished via abstaining from something we enjoy. However, if apathy or laziness is your tendency of the flesh, getting up and doing something you haven’t been doing can bring just as much mortification to your “lumpy, fat and lazy” self! So let Holy Spirit come in and ups-a daisy! Let the mortification begin!

~Dr. Matt


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