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Weeding out the excess

I do cut vinyl graphics as a side job. One night as I was working on a detailed decal, I started thinking about how our lives can be compared to a decal. First, the graphics are designed on the computer to the person’s liking; just like God first designed each one of us.

Next, the graphic is sent to a cutter that cuts the design into the vinyl; once we were designed, God created us. The design has to be weeded out of the vinyl, starting with the outline which sets the borders.

Then each small piece of excess vinyl must be picked out in order to get the perfect, desired decal. In our lives, there is always excess vinyl that must be removed in order to achieve the desired design of God. Through praying, fasting and seeking God, any excess baggage, down to the most minute detail, can be removed. We as Christians should strive to get as much of the excess vinyl removed from our lives so that we can be as close to God’s perfect design for each of us.

~Barry Duncan

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  1. Great post Barry.

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