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Strongholds, Part 2

Many strongholds were not designed to keep enemy forces out, but rather they were built to keep valuable things in. Kings built tombs, memorials, and shrines in the center of some strongholds to prevent them from coming to harm or from being stolen. These treasures would have large vaults and high walls built around them to prevent the riches from leaving the kingdom and falling into enemy hands.

Q: How are strongholds built? A: One stone at a time, of course. The foundation was dug deeply into the earth, followed by the building of massive outer walls from carefully aligned bricks. These walls were very high and thick with no gaps, making them nearly impossible to scale from outside. Once there was a secure outer wall, they began inner fortifications such as the inner wall, gatehouses, guard posts, and the keep. So, basically, they were built from the outside in. The bigger and stronger the outside walls, the more complex and detailed the inside could be.

Q: So, how was the inside of the stronghold laid out? A: Well, it depended on the culture and purpose of the stronghold, of course, but they all had places for the inhabitants to live comfortably. The most important part of any stronghold was the keep. The keep was a strong defendable structure, able to last long against enemy onslaught. If the keep was lost, then the stronghold was lost. They were generally built from stone with high walls and thick gates, deep within the center of the stronghold. The keep held the food storages for feeding the soldiers. If the outer walls fell to the enemy, soldiers would retreat inside the keep as a last stand.

~Andrew Frederick

Keep in mind that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and rulers of this wicked age. Strongholds built to keep you isolated from the rest of the Body of Christ essentially wall you in with the very thing that keeps you from your victory in life. Consider building a stronghold of faith in your life instead. This stronghold would be built out of those relationships the Lord has sent to strengthen you as you grow in faith. Which kind of stronghold do you have?


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