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You can’t do it alone

Recently, I have been going through some troubles with myself. Trouble with school, family, church, and relationships. It was like everything was becoming very overwhelming, almost to the point where I was becoming depressed. I became very emotional and rude to the people very close to me. You know most people would say in a situation like mine, ” Well, sweetie, pray about it and let God help you through it” or  “You should take a deep breath and know everything’s going to be ok”. Well, if you’re like me that’s very hard to do! I am a very hard headed stubborn person who likes to try and work things out by myself. If I can not succeed at controlling my problem by myself,I usually give up and think it’s impossible to handle.

Unfortunately, you can’t solve problems on your own, you need the help of a greater power. God, of course! How do I know this? One Sunday night there was an altar call for anyone who has been hurt or heart broken. Hearing this from Apostle David, I got an immediate tug on my heart to go up. Well, my flesh was telling me other wise.  My mom came to where I was and asked if I needed to go. I followed my flesh like usual and said, “No, I’m fine”. People proceeded to go up, and I continued to get a pull on my heart. Finally, I told myself, “Ok God, if somebody asks me again, I will go up there”.

A few minutes later not really thinking anything of it, Tim Hanley asked someone beside me if they need to go. The person declined and Tim walked on. All of a sudden he walked back and asked me if I needed to go. Yep, there it was. Somebody had asked me again! Darn, my flesh really didn’t want to go at all. But, finally I made it go. Waiting to be prayed for I began to pray in tongues telling God what ever he has for me I am ready to receive. Apostle David finally approached me, I started weeping. It was almost like I was releasing all of the stress and overwhelming feelings I have been having. He confirmed to me things that I had been dealing with and he had Anessa pray with me. She comforted me and told me that I was not alone. I can’t do it all by myself! Shocker right, oh my! Anessa, you’re telling me I can’t do things by myself? I need help to deal with things?

She was definitely right. No matter how hard we try, you can never do anything by yourself! I don’t care how big or little it is. Your problems may be very overwhelming for you, but they are not too overwhelming for God! He is always there whenever you need Him. You just have to be willing to allow Him to help you!

~Monica Guzman


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