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Jack In The Box

I was thinking about our lives like Jack in the box. When Jack is out of the box he is all smiles and happy go lucky. We are like Jack in the box. It seems like out of nowhere our head gets squished by our circumstances and the cares of this world. Our box is closed and the crank is going. You remember how it works. The music plays and the crank gets tighter and tighter untill Jack pops.

For me personally before I knew about praying in tongues and its transforming power, if what you said came against what I believed I would snap in a heartbeat. Now I can truely say I’ve been transformed into a new person and will continue on the path that God has for me.

I’m thankful for God sending me to Gateway so I can be equipped with the proper tools to handle all life has to throw at me. Even though we have the tools, we don’t always use them. People are turned off by Christians because we are so wound up.If we would ever pray in tongues long enough, we would become a whole new person. Then people would be attracted to us.

Matthew 12:34 says, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”


~Tammy Sanders

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