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An Unlikely Adventure

Several people I know hate the monotony of life. If I’m being honest, waking up and knowing I have to do exercises each week doesn’t exactly thrill me either. But my mom said something to me this morning as I was working on interview questions that struck me. She simply said, “What if the adventure is right in front of you?” I thought about that and realized how true that is. Lots of times we are so busy complaining about something in our lives that we fail to see what we really have.

I don’t have to hop on an airplane to go visit California, New York, or England. I am fortunate enough to get to meet people from all over the world thanks to email! Since I have started my internship, I have had the opportunity to start building relationships with some amazing women without leaving my bedroom! What opportunities are you missing because you just want to get away from it all? There could be something wonderful right around the next corner if you’ll just hang on and have a little faith! When I request interviews with people, there’s a chance I won’t hear back from them. I have to at least try.

For example, I woke up kind of drowsy this Saturday morning.  I had emailed someone for an interview late Friday night, so I really wasn’t expecting a response until Monday.  To my surprise, the woman did email me back and was willing to be interviewed.  My spirit leaped with excitement!  My brain was firing off questions quicker than I could type them.  The thrill of pursuing something is a feeling like no other. Just the sheer possibility of what could happen was enough for me to quickly respond to the email.

I encourage you to ask God to let you see things from His perspective. He has given you everything you need to be a success, but YOU have to make the choice to act on it!

~Madison Sanders


Comments on: "An Unlikely Adventure" (1)

  1. So true. We can miss opportunities right in front of our very eyes. Thank you Lord for seeing as you see.

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