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SUBMIT yourselves, then, to God.  RESIST the devil and he will flee from you. (NIV)  James 4:7

To rely on God, we need to submit to Him and trust Him to help guide us in our daily lives. The word submit means, “To give over to the power or authority of another; to yield as to the will of another person, a superior force.” How do we submit to the will of a superior force if it is unseen? We do it by believing in what God says in His Word. We need to believe the superior force is greater than our problem. The unseen, superior force is God. Believing is another word for faith. In Hebrews 11:6, it says, “without faith (believing) it is impossible to please him, (God) for he who comes (submits) to God must believe (have faith) that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek (come to) him” (NKJV).

So, we have to have faith to submit to God, but we also must have faith to resist the devil. The word resist means, “To oppose; refuse to accept.”  Are we refusing to accept the things of the devil in our lives? If he came up to us wearing horns and carrying a pitchfork, sure we’d resist. But what about the subtle things?

I recently went to a wedding. As you know, wedding receptions always have many unhealthy food choices. I have really been trying to eat more vegetables and fruits and stay away from the junk food, but when I came across the potato chips, I had a hard time resisting. They looked so good! Think of those chips like sin in our lives. Sometimes, sin is hard to resist; it looks good to our flesh. Those fruits and vegetables produce life and health in our lives, so we can liken those to God. When I was looking at those chips, I knew that I would get sick if I gave in to them; If I submitted my appetite to the vegetables, I would stay healthy. It’s a simple little analogy, but God always gives us a choice in life; Do we resist the lure of the enemy or do we submit to the good things of God?

We know that faith pleases God, and it takes faith to submit to Him. It also takes faith to resist the enemy. But when we follow God’s plan for our lives, we walk in freedom from and have great peace in our lives. The best choice then is to submit to God and resist the temptation of sin!

~Gay Dowdy


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