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Last year’s limericks were fun for us, so we decided to give it a whirl again this year. We had tons of fun doing these, so hope you enjoy them! If you have a clean limerick you’d like to share, put it in the comments!

Celebration Blog

Ode to the Celebration

When asked to join, I felt such frustration

But I said that I might

And now as I write

I do so with exhilaration!

(by Connie)


Our apostle has a son named Andy

Who is easily coaxed with candy

But give him your ear

And wait till you hear

His revelations are quite the dandy!

(By Matt)


A woman who writes with great flair

Who crafts her words with much care

What a delight

To read her insight

About life and Christ as a pair!

(by Matt)

For Apostle David

Apostle David was a new thing to see

I used to question just how this could be

But God had a plan,

It was all in his hand

And Gateway’s the place for me!

(by Connie)


Ricky is my own special honey

I get to spend a lot of his money

I’d marry him again

How could I not win

He would say, “Now, Connie, that’s funny!”

(by Connie)

Mrs. Linda

A woman who loves good coffee

Her ambitions for the C Team are quite lofty

A dreamer at heart

Her pen is like a well oiled part

She’s an original who can’t be copied

(by Tammy)

Dr. Matt

This is my ode to Dr. Matt

He could have written “The Cat in the Hat”

Though he lives far away

With Gateway he’ll stay

Now, only God could’ve done that!

(by Connie)


Thanks to my new friend, Michelle

She’s getting to know  me quite well

She’s teaching me computer

Probably thinks I’d like to shoot her

But she wouldn’t want to go to …jail

(by Connie)


Ann rocks the guitar with such power

Each chord she plays causes devils to cower

Though mighty and strong

When the fight may be long

With beauty and grace she grows stronger each hour

(by Matt)


Sherrie is my little sister’s name

For fun and family she’s always game

She and Bev like to cruise

And take a little snooze

Look out their window, nothing ever stays the same!

(by Tammy)


Bev is really quiet snooky

If you’re around him much he’ll ask for a cookie

He certainly is a sweet treat

With a spoon and a bowl he loves to eat

But only when he thinks no one is looking

(by Sherrie)

For Mrs. Geraldine

We love our sweet Mrs. G

She’s just as pretty as she can be

With eyes big and round

A woman with a sound

She’s Apostle D’s own queen bee!

(by Madison)

Publications Team

Our publications team is off the chain

Many members we have gained

We each play a part

Doing it from the heart

It’s our vision to see many lives changed!

(by Tammy)

Celebration Team (C Team)

Oh, how I love our C-Team

Hanging with us is a scream!

We write, blog and draw

Laugh, snort and guffaw

While fulfilling Daddy D’s dream!

(by Linda)


She has a smile that lights up a room

And a supersmart geek as her groom

A lover of tiny purses

She leads our praise team through many rehearsals

Her performance in “An Apostolic Christmas Carol” was better than any cartoon!

(by Madison)

Ricky and Connie

Our new friends are Ricky and Connie

Their smiles are so jolly and bonnie

They’re learning lots of new tricks

Sharing life in the sticks

Hey, at least we’re not in Punxatauney!

(by Linda)

The Gang

We don’t want to leave anyone out

So let’s give Ronda a shout!

Lisa, Monica, and Gay

Each share in their own special way

While Tammy, Christi and Barry round our team out!

(by Linda)


Comments on: "St. Patty’s Day Limericks" (2)

  1. Great job team! I believe these limericks will do the trick to get people to read more from us. A gold star to everyone that participated.

  2. Ode to Oasis:
    On Fridays I go to Oasis.
    It’s one of my favorite places.
    Bill and Orlando’s got word.
    Gail and Pat cook the bird.
    You’re met there with kind, smiling faces!

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