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It’s a New Season

Spring is here! The grass and trees turn green. God paints the ground and landscape with vibrant colors through flowers and budding trees. The temperature changes. The sun’s warmth increases. And birds, long gone to escape the cold of winter, return in mass to once again fill the air with songs of joy and celebration!

Well, just as life is being released once again into our part of the world, God is doing the same thing in His people. I know for me, as well as many others, that the past couple of years have seemed like a winter. Nothing much happening. Frustrated with the chill inside of me. Wondering what had happened to the dreams God had given me. Wondering if I would ever see deliverance in certain areas of my life. Almost giving up hope of seeing the passion I once had for God ever returning.

But hark! What is that I hear? The voice of the prophets, the Word of God, declaring deliverance, freedom, and a mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit for God’s people, this year! The chains which have held us in the bondage of our winters are being melted by the power and mercies of God!

In the spiritual realm, we are already free! The chains have been removed. Now it is time for us to begin exercising those weak and achy muscles, and to spread our wings! For God has called us each to soar on wings like eagles, to declare the good news of the gospel, and once again release the songs of joy and celebration that God is here! It’s a new season of spiritual life!

~Dr. Matt


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