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Head Banger

When I first got saved, I was totally caught up in the moment. I wanted to get everybody saved, healed, and filled with Holy Ghost. What I didn’t realize was I had a lot of maturing to do. I was reminded of this as the bird kept hitting its head against the window pane. Like the bird I was stuck in a religious box hitting my head against the pane of my house. Once I pressed into God enough, I had to deal with my own insecurities and unbelief. I kept hitting my head against the same wall over and over. Cramming the Bible down people’s throat was not the way to lead people to Jesus. Telling them they’re going to hell in a handbasket didn’t win me a lot of friends either.

After I had been at Gateway a few years I came to realize transformation only comes from praying in tongues and the word of God. I had to let the word get down on the inside of me, which reinforces what Apostle David teaches, “Permanent change comes from the inside out. “ I can truly say it has been life changing for me. Now, I walk in love toward others as Christ loved me and people are more willing to share their stories with me. I don’t think, talk, or act the way I used to. I always challenge people who are hungry for God to try it and watch the transformation take place!

~Tammy Sanders


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