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Oreos and Clorox

A good friend of mine celebrated a hundred year anniversary on March 6, 2012. That friend is Oreo cookies. We have been through a lot together. We have celebrated good times. Oreo has also been there with me through long nights of worry.

Another big part of my life has been Clorox. It has helped me out of some difficult spots. Clorox has also caused me trouble when I used it without wisdom. It pays to use wisdom.

Speaking of wisdom, I have needed it over the years more than I have used it. I became a mom at the ripe old age of eighteen. We have heard the saying that babies don’t come with instructions. I found that very true with my children.

I couldn’t help but laugh and shake my head when remembering my early years of parenting.  I kept the Oreo cookies high up in the top cabinet of the kitchen. I was concerned my kids may sneak a snack too close to dinner. I kept the Clorox under the sink, at floor level. A child could have easily gotten their hands on the Clorox! That never even crossed my mind!

Life is a lot like my past cookie and bleach situation. Things that bring us harm are right there within our reach. There are hundreds of TV shows with poison disquised as entertainment. The radio stations are packed with songs that put thoughts in our minds we later have to fight off. There are books, overheard conversations, and profane pictures right there within our reach.

What are we to do? Do we hide so that we never encounter these things? In reality that is not possible for most of us. Like my kitchen with the Oreos and Clorox kept in the same room, we live in a world where there is good and bad. We simply have to train ouselves what to partake of.

Psalms 34: 8 reads, “Taste and see that The Lord is good.”  For us to taste of the good things of The Lord, we have to reach up a little higher. They are there. We have to make more of an effort to touch them. We can seek out wholesome things to fill our time with. We find different things to entertain us. We choose things that will bless our lives and not hinder us. The goodness it will bring into our lives is well worth the extra stretch.

The choice is ours. We can have Oreos or Clorox, sweet or poison. They are both within our grasp.

~Connie Robinson


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