Real Church. Real Life. Real Celebration.

You don’t have to tackle everything by yourself! I really needed this reminder today!!!

The Celebration

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time, right? WRONG!

The correct answer is – you don’t! Not by yourself. The meat would go bad before you had enough time to eat the whole thing!

It’s the same thing with vision. If the vision in our lives is truly from God, it’s bigger than we can accomplish alone. We have to have people around us who will grab hold of the same vision and run together with us after it.

This is one of the things that God has been speaking to my heart. We write the vision and make it plain so that those who read it can run with it. Well then, why are those who are reading it not running? What’s stopping them?

One thing that is stopping them is the mindset that they have to be perfect BEFORE they can ever start running. And…

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