Real Church. Real Life. Real Celebration.

The Celebration


Watching teenagers get ready for Prom is an interesting experience. These otherwise confident (and often cocky!) young people become suddenly nervous and unsure. “Will I look okay?” “Can I walk in these heels?” “What will my friends say when they see me?” As they dress in their brand new “grown up” clothes, they are transformed into someone new. Suddenly, they realize their old “confidence” was a façade; really only the immature way most teens deal with insecurity and the fear of rejection.

But these new clothes…they make a difference in the wearer. They look older. They feel older. They stand straight and tall. They are empowered by the suit to try things they have never tried before…a fancy dinner date, a new dance move. The suit allows them to become a glorified version of their selves.

Along with a new sense of self, the clothes bring something else: discomfort…

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