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On any given, typical day in my life, I am an easy-going, good-natured person. I am so good-natured and easy-going, that I allow myself to be the doormat for others. Then why do I feel so scrappy this week? I almost want to fight something, but I do not know what or why. I have not felt this scrappy since the time in school when some girls were beating up on my cousin and my sister. I jumped in and socked a girl twice and that was that! Who would have thought I would do something like that now…NOT ME!

So…why so scrappy? The world tells you that as you get older your body changes. You cannot do things like you used to. You cannot take things like you used to. Your body is more prone to sickness and injury. Just about everywhere I turn, I am being told things are happening to my body just because I’m getting older, and I might as well just deal with it. WHO SAID? Not GOD! My spirit is getting stronger, making me realize that I really can fight against those mindsets!

The devil will fill your head full of lies. These lies stem from the worldly point of view, not God’s point of view. The Bible tells us that the devil comes to STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY. He will enter through your mind so quietly that, before you know it, you have changed your mind to line up with the point of view of the world. You have taken what other people tell you as the truth. I have been guilty of that a lot over the years, but now I am in the process of realigning my thoughts, actions, and words to line up with what God’s Word tells me. According to the sacrifice that Jesus bore on the cross, I am ALREADY HEALED! My body may not realize it yet, but it has no choice in the matter!

So, I am finding that the scrappiness that I am feeling is more along the lines of a battle going on inside of me to line up with what the Word tells me about ME and not what the world says about me. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am mainly a quiet person unless I know you well. But lately, I’ve been wanting to come out swinging when people start talking about THEIR ailments and how this is just the lot they have drawn in life. It’s the devil that has been telling them lies, and he’s the one I’m mad at!

Am I walking in total healing? Not at this time, but I WILL! I’m doing what I need to do in the natural – hitting the gym daily, confessing healing scriptures, meditating on the good I see in me and not the negative. I try to remember to tell myself that I am created in HIS image, so I am not stupid or ugly. We have to learn to love ourselves, which is a hard thing to do at times. I feel that if we start to love ourselves more, then even when we miss it, we can move on to the next level a lot quicker in God.

Getting past ourselves is a hard thing to do. For me, that is my biggest obstacle. I have to tell myself that I love ME, and God loves me just the way I am. Let the scrappiness that is inside of you come out and fight for what is yours and give back to the devil what does not belong to you. Remember that the plans God has for you are GOOD. He wants you to prosper and be in good health and, most importantly, HE LOVES YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

~Ronda Sullivan

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