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Seek First the King

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Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. ~Matt. 6:33

It has been said that if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. One of the most important lessons in Kingdom living is to learn to hear God’s voice concerning HIS plans for your life instead of trying to convince Him that your plan is the best for you!

My husband and I were happy with our lives in N.C. We were in a church we loved. We had built a house we enjoyed. We were among good friends and family members. With all that we had, we began to sense the urging of the Lord that a big change was coming to our lives. Even though we were happy, we began to feel restless. We were excited in our spirits, and we began to pray about our future.

During this time, I found The Celebration online. I began reading it every day and couldn’t get enough of it. I talked a little with Linda and the other writers through the blog and knew I was to be connected to it somehow. Amazingly, we found out the church hosting the blog was in the same county where our daughter was living, so we decided to check it out. There was no turning back from there; we knew God wanted us to move to Georgia.

Even though we heard His voice, we still had to walk out our faith. The real estate market in our hometown was at a stand still.  Well meaning people told us that we wouldn’t be able to sell our house. We didn’t turn our house over to a realtor. Instead, I put it in a community trader paper, and we had a buyer the next week. It only cost us $16.00 to sell our house!

I can’t say we didn’t have times when we shook our heads and asked each other what we were doing, but I can say that the excitement of what was ahead never left us. We knew God was directing us.

Since moving to Georgia, we have met wonderful people. We are part of an amazing church. We would have missed out on many awesome experiences had we not been obedient to His voice.

God doesn’t tell everyone to move two states over, but He does have marvelous plans for His children. Living for God is an adventure! It is exciting to realize that someone wiser than you is in control! We must seek first the Kingdom. If not, we will miss out on the best God has for us!

~Connie Robinson




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