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Kingdom Finances

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God is in the building business, but He uses His church to do the building. The Church can’t do very much building without money. Unfortunately, a lot of Christians still sit around waiting on God to rain money from heaven. Or worse, they waste their faith praying for the guy from Publishers Clearinghouse to show up and rescue them. It’s time we, as a church, became more aware of our responsibilities with finances.

Have you ever thought about how critical it is for the Church to maintain financial integrity in the world of banking? As a Credit Analyst, I have seen many churches take out loans that they cannot repay. It breaks my heart to see that lenders do not take churches seriously, but it is hard to fault their viewpoint when church after church tries to tell them that God is their primary source of income, and then they can’t pay their bills. I have seen many churches criticized because they relied on fundraisers to raise money but winded up unable to sell enough chicken to pay their bills. Face it: If God said to borrow the money, He will supply the needs and means to repay it. That means that either the church is not hearing from God or they are not being good stewards of their money.

When a church or individual Christians borrow money from a bank and don’t repay it at all or are habitually late, this causes the loan officer and the other people of the bank to have to do much more paperwork for the banking relationship. What kind of example is this showing them? Are we showing everyone that God supplies all of our needs or are we showing others that we are like the rest of the world and may or may not repay the money?

Kingdom finance means that churches and individual Christians should have the type of relationship with financial institutions that have bankers begging to lend us money. The economy has taken its toll on just about everyone, but God doesn’t depend on the economy to supply our needs. Maybe the first problem isn’t money: it’s that we have not stopped and listened to what God is telling us to do. Maybe we’ve focused on what WE want instead of what HE wants. God isn’t interested in making us look good. He’s interested in us making HIM look good!

~Christi Duncan


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