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Light Your Fire

When I was in high school, I played basketball a few years. I remember playing this team that was really good.  Everybody was pumped up and ready for action. The first half we held our own. Second half started and it was like someone had let the air out of our tire. Needless to say they were whooping us really bad and our team was deflating fast. Have you ever watched a slow motion film and just wanted to help them out so bad? That’s the way I was as I sat on the bench I wanted to get out there and play so bad. Lots of our team members were getting fouled out and, all I of a sudden I heard my name come up. Could you imagine the excitement as I went out to represent the team? My chest felt like it was bullet proof.

Up and down the court we go. The bulldogs were getting beat bad.  All of the team really just gave up because of us being so behind.  I didn’t care what the score was I just wanted to do my best and make the team proud.  The ball was passed by me so many times. Finally, I got the ball passed to me.  I was right at the half court and went up for a shoot. It was a long shot let me tell you. I let the ball go and I could tell that all the players thought the ball would not go in but it did. I scored! Everyone started yelling in excitement.

My team members were astonished and from that point on that one goal lit a fire and our team came together as never before.  We may not have won the game but our team came back with a zeal because I did the impossible. Even though I didn’t get to play much, I had one moment that changed my team’s attitude when all hope seems lost. Have you let the circumstances in your life extinguish your fire? Don’t! Know that God is greater than anything you may face!

~Tammy Sanders


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