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Hearing Impaired

We live in a world full of sounds. From TV’s,cell phones, radios,and traffic, conversations; the list goes on. We all enjoy the pleasure of hearing and listening to the sounds of life. Sometimes we take hearing for granted and fail to fully appreciate it

Recently, I had a hearing test and was diagnosed as being hearing impaired. Phrases like huh, what, I didn’t hear you, what did you say, or would you repeat that had become common in my conversations.  We all live with a degree of denial about the short comings in our lives. We’re embarrassed by our weaknesses and failures and try to cover them up. Well, when you wear a hearing aid it’s there for anyone to see. Getting older is a fact of life, and with age comes aches, pains, and decline of our bodies. Thank God for the blessed hope of a glorified body that will never grow old with no more sickness, disease, or pain.

But back to the reality of now. From the moment I recieved my hearing aid, it restored my awareness of the sounds I had been missing. It’s not a miracle cure but it sure helps. In the last article I wrote entitled “Hearing His Voice” I said the Lord speaks to us in many ways. I had been reading,studying, and praying in preparation to speak at my son’s church. As I was meditating, the Holy Spirit began to open up my understanding that He is our hearing aid. Throughout the scriptures there are numerous verses relating to hearing and listening to God’s voice. The Holy Spirit; our comforter, teacher, and aid is living in every born again believer. In St. John 14:26 Jesus said the Holy Spirit would teach us and bring everything that He had said to us to our remembrance. When speaking to the church in Revelation chapters two and three He said he that hath an ear let him hear what the Holy Spirit has to say. We are the Church, the body of Christ; the Holy Spirit is our hearing aid.

Hearing is so much more than awareness of sounds or words. It’s listening, comprehending, and understanding what is being said to us from Him. I’m a simple minded person, so a lot of times I ask the Lord to speak to me like a child. I desire to know Him and what He wants of my life. As we humble ourselves, not being arrogant or self sufficient, He speaks to us where we will understand His will and word.

In the natural, when we are born we have limited sight and hearing. Apostle Paul said first the natural and then the spiritual. As we grow in the spirit, the Holy Spirit is our aid to open up our understanding of  our walk with the Lord. Ask him to be your hearing aid and you will be amazed at what you have been missing.


~Ricky Robinson

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