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Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs that God gave us. Just when I think that everything is going great, the school system rips a rug out from under me and many other people in our county. I stressed and prayed about my children’s education. Education is one of the most important things in a child’s life. I feel that our community felt that our county didn’t respect us; yielding hostile thoughts, people being upset and a lot of tears shed. We had prayer walks at our community elementary school. Many people came out to pray.

Finally, the decision was made by the Board of Education. Our school was closing. I felt disbelief at first, but once reality set in, much heartbreak was ahead. Our children’s education, in our minds, was at stake. Many pulled their kids out of the county to attend school in another county and some chose to home school their children. I lost much sleep agonizing so much over the decision of where my children should attend school.

Sometimes, it seems easier to try to solve these types of issues with our own mind because we feel as if we are fully aware of the circumstances and our emotions get the best of us. Barry and I discussed and prayed so much, but we never fully gave the decision to God. We were so overwhelmed with the rest of the community that we forgot who, ultimately, would take care of our children. We never found the peace of taking them out of the county and didn’t have peace in leaving them in the county; therefore, we decided to just save the money and keep them in the county in which we lived.

I was reading my Bible and meditating one night and it hit me. We, as Christians, have all the authority to pray covering over our children. With this Godly covering, our children are protected by anything that comes against them. I realized that I should let them attend our county and cover them in prayer. We had no control over this situation, but God knew it was coming and He promised to take care of our children. “Seek ye first the Kingdom…and all things will be added unto you.” If I seek first the Kingdom, all the things I need will be given to me.

Fiinally, I found peace with our decision. A few days later, the principals were announced. Our principal and assistant principal were named principals over both schools that my children will be attending next year. Not only that but other structures will be implemented that will absolutely be to my children’s advantage in the long run. I am now so excited about our upcoming school year. No longer am I overwhelmed, worried, or question whether or not my children will receive top-notch education. As long as God is on our side, we can’t fail.

~ Christi Duncan


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