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Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung and things have begun to sprout up everywhere. I am beginning to get in my gardening mode. I love watching things come to full fruition. It is an amazing cycle and comes and goes all too quickly.  One of my favorite things to do in the spring is plant the small patch of soil that I call my garden.

In preparation for the garden, tilling is a must.  If I did not break up the ground, the weeds and grass would choke out the plant. You get the analogy from Matthew about breaking up the fallow ground of your heart.  Well, if we do not break up the hardness of our heart then the seed, the Word of God, can not be rooted there.

Secondly, I must decide what I am to plant. I think about things that my family will eat and what I can grow in the space that I have like okra, tomatoes, cucumber, squash and bell pepper. Only then am I able to go to the hardware store and purchase my prizes. What I plant determines what I harvest.  Choosing the Word to meditate depends on what I want to reap.  If I want to reap love I must mediate love scriptures.

Next, I must decide which plants need more room and where they will grow. I stake out the area where the plants are to grow and follow the directions for planting. If I do not make room in my heart for growth and follow the manual, the Bible, then I will not be able to bear the fruit that I desire, even if I have purchased the seeds or plants and tilled my soil. I must have proper space and follow the specific directions for each particular plant. We as the Body of Christ are many membered and unique. Now for the real work.

Work! Tell me I did not hear that word.  I have heard it said from a very wise man that ministry is spelled, W-O-R-K. Before I can think about work I must assess the tools. Are my tools handy? Are the blades sharpened?  Am I ready to hear and to do the Word?  Spring is here and I am ready to till, plant and weed.  This is the only way to reap the harvest, both in the natural and spiritually.  Ready, set, grow!

~ Lisa Brannen


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