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When you get tired of being in the same place in your life, you have to get up and do something about it. I decided to do such a thing this past week. I decided that I needed some change in my spiritual life and started a personal seeking time where I committed to fast certain meals and spend more time worshipping God and praying. Wonderful plan, till my mind, will, and emotions decided they wanted to have a say in the matter.

All of the sudden, I find myself more driven to the things I wanted to change than to praying and worshipping! Ugh! But this is part of the law of picking a fight, right? I basically decided to take on the unruly nature of my soul and it has decided to fight back. Fortunately, I have God’s Word that says that I am always the victor through Christ! So if you too are in a fistfight with your soul, be encouraged. If you get knocked down, jump back up into the fight! Because at the end of the day, in Christ we win!

Dr. Matt

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