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I have struggled with many things in my past. Failures, mistakes, bad decisions that led to more failures and feeling like no one has benefited from my existence here on earth.  No matter how much preaching I hear or how much I read the Word, I still struggle with this.

The lyrics of a song I heard recently spoke about dwelling on our past, but all God has to do is speak our name and we are set free. When I heard this song, all the teaching in my head reversed like movies do as we press the rewind button and you see everything that happened back up in fast motion.  My head had to catch up with my spirit in the teachings of it’s ok to fail because God knows that we are going to fail. He is well aware that we are human. For goodness sakes, He created us.

.  If you are like me, you spend more time beating yourself up about things you could have or should have done in your life.  All this does is gives satan an open door to cause you to waste even more time in your life to be focused on the wrong thing. In reality we need to pick ourselves up, brush our knees off and start the journey again.

. A very wise and anointed apostle has said many times, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve always gotten.” I have learned that this statement is so true in more than one way.  The key to being successful in changing our life is to stop and think about what you think about. If your thoughts keep you in bondage, think differently.  If your actions hold you back, act differently.

It is much easier said than done, but the concept is really quiet simple.  If you want to get something else, you’ve got to do something else.  God has already forgiven us for our past, we just have to forgive ourselves and let it go; and this would be a good change of mind. Forgiving ourselves would get us one step closer in God’s direction and it would break one more string that satan has attached to us.  I want something different, do you?

~Christi Duncan


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