Real Church. Real Life. Real Celebration.

When I think about the Lord  is a song we sing here at Gateway. One Sunday evening as the praise team began to sing this very song I saw it like never before. I was able to focus on each verse and what it really meant to me.

-How He saved me-  How God sent His son Jesus to die for me. I was on the path of failure and destruction. Regardless of the path I was on He knew what I was capable of being.

-How He raised me- He was able to bring me up out of the mess I was in and put me in a place where I could become stable.

-How He filled me with the Holy Ghost- I remember when I was filled with the Holy Ghost, who prayed with me and the exact room at Gateway back in 1998. I don’t remember the exact day and time but I do know that from that day on, my life has not been the same.

-How He healed me to the uttermost- At one time in my life I was faced with a scary situation about my health and told I had a disease. I went through some very extensive blood tests. During that time I had went to church, requested prayer, and all blood tests came back negative. They couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I gave all glory to God!

-How He picked me up and turned me around, How He set my feet on solid ground- I am forever thankful to God for setting my feet on solid ground and that began by placing my feet in this house here at Gateway. My life has been completely turned around since I have been here, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I still have a lot of growing to do but I know that here at Gateway I am able to continue to grow and develop because of the truth that’s released in this house.

It makes me wanna’ shout Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! 

Lord you are worthy of all the glory, all the honor, and all the praise!!


We should never just go through the motions during praise and worship. We should always focus on what the song is really saying and give God praise for all He has done for us and just for who He is!


~MIchelle Parrish



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