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Do You Value Revelation?

Years ago, we invited a brother in the Lord to go to one of Kenneth Hagin’s meetings with us. He said, “Why? I’ve seen him before and all he does is tell the same stories and quote the same scriptures over and over. That man is boring! I already know what he’s talking about. I want to hear something new!”

Seriously?? So, you have problems with your health, problems with your finances, trouble with your kids, and your wife can’t stand you. And you don’t think Kenneth Hagin… one of the most anointed pioneers of faith to live in the last 100 years… can teach you anything about how to live your life?


Some people are too stupid to argue with. The problem this brother had was that he simply did not value revelation. And he’s not the only one… I was reading one of the reports from the Barna Group that said:

Asked to think about their last church visit, three out of five church attenders (61%) said they could not remember a significant or important new insight or understanding related to faith. Even among those who attended church in the last week, half admitted they could not recall a significant insight they had gained. ~ From The Barna Group: What people experience in Churches found at

There are two problems that emerge in this statistic…. (1) The majority of church goers in the US don’t go to church seeking revelation. If you’re hungry for more revelation and understanding concerning the Word of God, all you have to do is ask Holy Ghost, your teacher, and He will impart that to you. I don’t have room on this blog post to go into all the scriptures that talk of the blessings that come from seeking wisdom and understanding, but you could start at Proverbs if you really wanted to know! (2) The majority of churches are preaching doctrine and going through a form of godliness but are not really preaching the WORD. It is impossible to preach the Word of God and not impart revelation by doing so.

So, ultimately, the problem in the church is that there is a lack of value where revelation is concerned. Christians think there is nothing new to learn by reading, studying, and meditating the Word. Spirit-filled Christians forget that Holy Ghost is here to teach us and lead us into ALL TRUTH. Well, there isn’t one of us on the planet who is walking in ALL TRUTH yet… so, that means there is still room for more revelation… more understanding. We just have to be hungry for it. And there’s the real problem…. people in the pulpits and in the pews aren’t hungry for the TRUTH.

Tell me… do you REALLY value revelation? Well, here’s a test for you, then. I want you to do me a favor: click on the Latest Sermon link on the Gateway website and listen to Apostle David’s message from Sunday night, June 24th. There’s enough revelation in what he said that night to keep you thinking, praying, and studying for a year! Dare ya!

~Linda Frederick


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