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A Rose of Beauty

I recently experienced the most wonderful, unexpected blessing. To my surprise, my rose bush bloomed. I thought the bush was dead since I neglected it for so long. Usually, if I am lucky enough, it will bloom one rose if it blooms at all. This year was different for some reason. It produced several beautiful, orange roses. They were not very big, but I was excited to see them bloom anyway. I really wanted to share their beauty with someone who needed cheering up for the day. “But, who Lord?” I spoke silently to myself. I really had no idea with whom to share it. It wasn’t long after I started to pray that the Lord gave me a name. I did not know anything about the problems this person was experiencing. However, the Lord knew her situation and the love from the rose made her cry. She later told me she felt dead inside, and it was a reminder to her that God was still alive. It was such a simple act and it changed her whole day.

The lesson I learned from that day was humility. I felt so humbled that God could use a person like me to make someone else feel special. It was inspiring to me that the little things I could do, could help change someone’s ashes to beauty. It was a lesson to remind me that even when I am feeling good, there are always others that are feeling sad. We just never know when we can make a difference in someone else’s life.

~Gay Dowdy

© Cyrus Cornell |


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