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The Green Chair

A few years ago, I was going through a building. I came across an old chair. I have always liked old furniture. This chair caught my eye. It had been painted with green house paint, the seat was torn, but I could tell it had a quality about it. Like they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I took the chair home and began to work on it. Why would anyone paint such a beautiful chair with green paint? Not just one coat but multiple layers.

I thought it wouldn’t take long to restore, maybe a couple of weeks. I bought some paint stripper and sandpaper. I started the process with much enthusiasm knowing it wouldn’t take long. I applied the stripper and began to scrape off the layers. I used a wire brush, a scraper, and many sheets of sandpaper. I would work on the chair for hours, get discouraged, and quit. I knew the chair had great potential; that’s what kept me going back to working on it. It took me about a year of stripping and sanding. I was finally able to put a new finish on it. My wife and I picked out some beautiful gold cloth for the seat. The hard work finally paid off. I’ve recieved many compliments of the beauty of the chair.

A few years later, Holy Spirit began speaking to me about the chair. He taught me there is a process we must go through with His guidance. When we come to the Lord our lives are a mess. Like the discarded chair our Heavenly Father knows our potential. He begins the restoration process called salvation. Because of our fallen nature sin has covered us with layers of hurts, wounds, scars, fears, and rejection. We are being changed and transformed from glory to glory as these layers are being stripped away. At times other members of the body of Christ seem to rub us the wrong way, like sandpaper they are part of our restoration. When we read and study the Word it strips away those layers of our old nature. As we grow and mature our lives will be a reflection of God’s transforming and restoring power.  We are truly being transformed into new creatures in Christ Jesus our Lord. Enjoy the process, don’t give up.

~Ricky Robinson
Image credit: Ricky

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