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Mama’s In The Kitchen

Most of us are familiar with the story found in John 6. It is about the miracle of the five barley loaves and two small fish. The crowd had been following Jesus, and it was getting late. They were all hungry. The only food there was the lunch of one small lad. The lad gave Jesus the lunch. Jesus took it and fed five thousand men. There was twelve baskets of food left over after. This is just one of the miracles they witnessed done by Jesus. He is still doing amazing miracles today.

The Bible says that the giver of the lunch was a lad. The definition of lad is a child, or a little boy. I want to go behind the scenes of this story.

There is a person who was a big part of this miracle process who is hardly, if ever, mentioned. The preparation for this miracle took place back at this child’s house. I haven’t met any little boys who bake bread or fry fish. I believe Mama was in the kitchen. She was busy cooking lunch for her son to take with him when he went to see Jesus. I can see her praying for her boy as she rolled out the bread. She must have asked God to use her son. Little did she know he would be used greatly that day.

He must have been taught about Jesus and who He was. He trusted Jesus to offer him his only food that day. All of us touch someone’s life. We must do our part to teach them of Jesus. We need to always be mindful to pray for those who are younger than us in The Lord. We may not be the one who is called to bring the word. We may not be the one who lays hands on those in the prayer line, but we all have a part to play. We are all needed to see God’s will accomplished. It doesn’t matter if I am the one frying the fish or a server. It doesn’t matter. I am determined to do my part to help others come to know Jesus. I want to help others see the miracle that HE is. The mother didn’t mind that she was home cleaning when the miracle of the loaves and fish took place. She was praising and thanking God that she had been obedient to do her part. She had helped advance The Kingdom of God!

~Connie Robinson

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