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How do you go from being a doormat to a strong man or woman of God who is trying to line up words and actions with the Bible without causing some friction with others? I am still working on this answer myself. Most of my life I have been told what to do and I did it. I did not have any thoughts of my own. Or when I did they were shot down pretty hard. I have always been an easy-going, good-natured person. I never once stood up for myself.

So why is it that when I start to stand up for myself, I am accused of starting trouble or causing strife? You got me. I have grown tired of being a doormat for people to walk all over. There is this really TALL woman of God at our church who taught on Approval Addiction. After listening to her teachings on it, I began to change looking for approval from the people around me. I had realized that my whole life was spent seeking the approval of family members, friends, teachers, and employers. I decided this was going to change. Actually, the change really started when my dad passed away. Change is never an easy thing to do, especially when you are so used to the things the way they are.

There is one person in my life that has always tried to control me. I love this person but I had come to the realization that I cannot always be wrong as I always was with this person. Everything had to be their way. You could have a conversation with this person and they would voice their opinion and shake their head to show me that they were right and I was wrong. I have stood up to this person several times over the last few years but not without conflict and tears from the other person because I was supposedly mad at them. I was not mad at them. I was just tired of being told what to do and what to think. I KNOW how to think for MYSELF, FINALLY!

So, am I walking in love? I think so. I am walking in love with myself because I am worth it. I am a child of God! I have a purpose that HE has created me for! Just because it does not line up with what others think I should do doesn’t mean that I am wrong in doing it. I am also walking in love with the other person by bringing Godly correction and boldness when and where it was needed. Maybe not accepted graciously by the recipient but I think they are starting to respect me.

God did not design us to seek the approval of man. The only approval that we need is from God and the last time I looked, He has placed His stamp of approval on me. Do I do everything right? Not on your life! I make mistakes all of the time, several mistakes in one day most of the time. That does not change how God sees me or how He feels about me! No, walking in love isn’t easy but it is so necessary in order to grow into the mature ambassador that God has destined us to be. Sometimes that love walk contains the correction that is needed to get us onto the right path or helps us develop a backbone to stand up for ourselves in a Godly way.

~Ronda Sullivan

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Comments on: "Is it Walking the Love Walk?" (2)

  1. Amen. Speak the TRUTH. Ain’t nobody mad but the devil.

  2. The Lord bless you my sister. Thanks for sharing your insight today.

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