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Consider the Miracles

Have you ever been reading a scripture and wished you could ask them what they were thinking?  That recently happened to me while reading the book of Mark chapter six. It is about the wonderful miracles the disciples witnessed Jesus do.  They had seen Him heal a withered hand. He had cast out unclean spirits. They saw a little girl raised from the dead when Jesus spoke to her. They had seen Him heal the woman with the issue of blood. They had witnessed Him calm a storm.  Imagine how they felt seeing Jesus feed five thousand with five loaves of bread and two fish!

Later, Jesus had gone to a mountain to pray. Another storm comes up while the disciples are on a boat. The same men who had been walking with Jesus and witnessing His power become troubled.

~Mark 6:52: “For they considered not the miracle of the loaves: for their hearts were hardened.”

The definition of hardened here means dull, lacking in understanding. I wanted to ask the disciples how this could be possible with all of the miracles they had seen. Had they all just slipped their mind, really? I wished I could give them a piece of my mind!  Then it happened. I had a reality check.  How many times had I been guilty of the same thing?  God has done more miracles for me than I can count.  Over forty lumps in my breast disappeared over night. The Lord healed me of asthma. He miraculously healed me of cataracts. I was also healed of macular degeneration.  There has been much more I have seen Him do. How could I fall into fear and doubt when a new need arises?  I fail to remember the  “miracle of the fish and loaves “ in my own life.

Like the old song says, I will learn to count my blessings. Name them one by one. Count  your many blessings. See what God had done.

~Connie Robinson

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