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Thanks, Apostle!

He didn’t have to do it, you know. When God spoke to Apostle David about going to Rhema Bible Training Center back in 1983, he didn’t have to go. He could have chosen not to answer…. can you imagine where YOU would be today if he had chosen differently? When he graduated from Rhema, he could have gone anywhere… ANYWHERE. But God sent him right back here. From listening to his story, you know it’s not what he wanted. He wanted to go anywhere BUT home…. but he was obedient. Can you imagine where you would be today if he wasn’t?

Apostle David is very fond of asking me, “Where would you be without me?” He likes to tease me about how I thought I knew everything when I got here. I thought I was someone going somewhere BIG…that this was just a whistle stop on my train ride to destiny. But I was arrested by Holy Ghost…. after two weeks of being here at Gateway (then Faith Christian), He showed me supernaturally that David Coker was my spiritual father and what I needed to fulfill my destiny was in the vision inside of him. So, then I had a choice…. I didn’t have to do it. I could have gone anywhere…ANYWHERE but here. This is not what I wanted, but I wanted to obey the voice of God more… I wanted to be in the center of His perfect will for my life more than I wanted fame, fortune, or accolades.  I wanted… and still want… to follow God’s plan for my life.

So, I ask myself the same question sometimes…. where WOULD I be? If he hadn’t answered the call and been right where he should be? If I hadn’t answered the call and landed right where I should be? Where would I be? I think I know… I’d be on the seeker-friendly bandwagon, preaching compromise and watering down the truth. I would be chasing dollars instead of destiny. I would have religion with no relationship. I’d be crusty…There would be no power and anointing…. I would not have the influence I now have; there would be no favor of God… no divine connections. And then I think…where would my children be? What about my own spiritual sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters? Friends and neighbors I’ve come in contact with? Where would we be?

Thanks, Apostle… thanks for saying, “Yes!” to Holy Ghost. Thank you for staying through all the hard times… for praying through and pressing in. Thank you so much for showing us there is more to being a Christian than being blessed…. there is BEING ABLESSING. I thank you for your life of obedience and sacrifice…. your willingness to lay your life down for others and for this community… this territory…. the Body of Christ. I know you didn’t have to… but I sure am glad you did!

Happy Birthday, Apostle! Your life is making a difference.


(article image: COUNTRY PATH © Dainis Derics | )


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