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The Right Fit


How many people have had a hair cut? Now how many have stepped out and tried a new cut only to discover it doesn’t suit you or your hair type? Recently I tried a new cut. It looked good on other women, and it was the style. I had been debating on the style for several months. I gave in around mid July. I had it cut in what is called the stack look. When I saw it, I did not really like it but that usually happens after any cut I get. I have always had the attitude that if I did not like it, it will grow out and I could do something else. It was only hair. I have been getting hair cuts for many years now and this is the only cut that never fit, even after waiting a couple of days.

Just this week, I had it fixed to a style that fits with me. I learned that my hair is baby fine and not thick. The other style doesn’t work on my hair type. How many times in our lives have we tried something just because it was the style or the “in” thing to do only to find out that what you thought was a good thing ended up a disaster?

As I was heading out this morning to work in my classroom to get things ready for my students next week, the thought popped into my mind that this is happening everyday in all areas of our lives. We are trying on what other people are doing instead of putting on what God has us planned for, whether it is a career, relationships, hobbies, and education. They are good things to do, but is that what God wants?

For years, I have lived my life with people telling me you need to do this or that. They meant well and the ideas were good ones but they never fit me. I tried some of them but they did not work.

When David was getting ready to face Goliath, the king wanted him to be protected. So, out of his concern for David, he offered his armor for David to use. David tried it on. It was too big and heavy (1 Samuel 17:38-40) . David took off the armor and went with what fit for him, a sling-shot and rocks. The tools he used on a daily basis to defeat lions, bears, and other predators who would go after his sheep. Think about it, if David had decided to go ahead and wear the armor the king gave him so as to not hurt his feelings, would the ending have been the same?

It is important that we find the fit for us. Don’t put on what others are wearing or doing. What fits for them may not fit for you and the results could change the outcome drastically! The wrong fit equals a bad outcome. The correct fit equals an outcome that is victorious no matter what we face.

~Ronda Sullivan

(article image: SLINGSHOT © Paavo Leinonen | )


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