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Not Just Another Race


If you read my blog, you’ll know that I had lost my motivation. I won’t rehash that again. What I didn’t tell you is what helped me get it back. Last Friday night, my mom and I were coming back from Anderson when I saw a bunch of people in wheelchairs underneath a tent. Knowing this wasn’t the norm for my small town, my mom and I pulled in to see what was going on. To our surprise, hand cyclists from North Carolina, Chicago, and Atlanta were there to have time trials in preparation for Tour de LaFrance, which was the race happening the next day. Seeing their determination to wheel themselves everywhere and the endurance while competing made me want to go to the race. More than that, though, I became excited again! I came home and immediately starting printing some cards for my blog to hand out to people at the race.

You see, I had let the devil beat me up for so long with the things I couldn’t do, I forgot what I could do. That spark to do something different had died out when my health went on a downward spiral. Even though there were professional bicyclists at the event, I wasn’t there to see them and didn’t really care how they placed in the race. The hand cyclists had to go around the same path for thirty minutes, which is a test of endurance if I’ve ever seen one. There were amputees there who were every bit as a cocky as you and I would be.

I got to talk to several of them one-on-one after the race. They talked about the rush of adrenaline they felt during the races and how a depression kind of settled on them when everything was over. That’s where I’m different from those men and women. While I might not have raced with them, my motivation to do more…anything more than what I was doing has remained even this week. I’ve started five squats to help my legs bend better. I transferred from my wheelchair to the car today with no help. God has helped me to see that I have something better than people cheering for me and a cool bike. I have Holy Spirit who encourages me, even on my weakest days. My legs are not like thin pencils. I have muscles; they just need to be developed. I thank God He never gave up on me! Every day I’ve woken up with a song in my heart, thankful that circumstances mean nothing to Him.

Have you lost your motivation? If you’re not motivated, how can you ever expect to take dominion in any area of your life? Give God something to work with. You’ll be amazed!


~Madison Sanders

Image Credit: ©Tammy Sanders


Comments on: "Not Just Another Race" (1)

  1. Barbara Hanley said:

    Madison, you are such a blessing. You are so right, Holy Spirit helps us when we can’t do it ourselves. Keep up the good work, you can make it. The only thing that can stop you is you. Thanks for the post.

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