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Life can be challenging for all of us. Every day we are faced with choices and decisions. We need the right answers. We can use trial, error, and past experiences to make decisions. Being a christian and relying on the Holy Spirit for direction and answers surely helps. I am a firm believer that when we rely on the Lord, He will direct our pathways.

We were living in Jacksonville N.C. at the time and as I was praying, the Lord spoke to my spirit. He told me that he was going to give me a debt free house. Wow! I was elated. Like anyone who has every gotten a word from the Lord, I thought it would happen right away. We faced a decision of whether to stay in Jacksonville or to move back to Hamlet. I wanted to stay in Jacksonville and build the house. I prayed and the Lord said, “Wait.” Just what I wanted to hear.

Time went by, my faith was tried and tested. I grew impatient and discouraged, but I knew deep down in my spirit the Lord had spoken to me. Circumstances started changing. The railroad yard in Jacksonville closed,  and I was able to transfer to Hamlet.

We bought some property, picked out house plans, and prayed for direction from the Lord. One night we were at church, I was called out and given a word of knowledge. The Holy Spirit spoke through a man whom I had never met. He said. “Brother, the Lord didn’t give you that land not to build upon, He’s going to give you a house”. It was a word of confirmation to what the Lord had spoken five years earlier. I had waited on the Lord for direction. The word of knowledge at the right time, through the gift of the Holy Spirit in this man, and gave me the go ahead to build.

Three years later we had the house and best of all it was debt free. All praise to God who performs his word.

~ Ricky Robinson

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  1. Thank you, Ricky for this testimony. It was very encourageing.

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