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A Look at Discernment

I heard a word recently that caught my attention. That word was discernment. The definition is keeness of judgment; insight. It is a spirtual, God given gift. There is a counterfeit to discernment. It is suspicion. Suspicion is fleshly, of the soul. It is emotional.

People have been hurt when one has been mistaken for the other. I remember a time when this happened to me. I had been invited to hear a man who was said to be spiritually gifted. He was going to be ministering at someone’s home. My friend and I were going to dinner earlier in the evening. The restaurant had a dress code. We dressed accordingly.

Later, we went to the house meeting. I immediately felt out of place. Everyone else was in jeans and sneakers. The service had not yet started. The speaker approached us. I assumed he was going to introduce himself. He then said to me, “You are full of yourself. You think you have arrived.” Nothing could have been futher from the truth. I was fighting a battle at the time. I had come hoping to be ministered to.

Maybe on the outside I appeared to have it all together. On the inside, I was broken and hurting. I can’t judge this man. I have been guilty of being suspicious of others. I have mistaken it for discernment. There has been more times when true discernment has kept me from being deceived. I am in no way saying not to operate in this gift. I don’t think it has ever been more needed in the body of Christ. It is important we learn to recognize the difference. How do we do this? We learn from others who practice true discernment. We check our spirits. We cover ourselves with mature leaders who can help us develop this area of ministry. Most of all, we pray. God will give us this good gift.

I am thankful for Gateway Believers Fellowship. I feel safe there. I know that Apostle David and the leaders are gifted with discernment. What a blessing that is.

~Connie Robinson

Image credit: ©Tammy Sanders


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