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Hey, Lord

Hey, Lord. It’s time my prayers were said. After all, it’s time to go to bed.

I’ve been real busy with things today. I haven’t found the time to pray.

Many chances today slipped through my hand.

I didn’t exactly sin though, Lord. I just didn’t do your command.

I spoke to my neighbor when I went out to get the mail.

I wonder if she is saved? Does she know that there’s a hell?

I would ask her, but I wouldn’t want to pry.

What if she got emotional? She may even cry!

There wasn’t time today to read Your Word

Susan’s husband is running around on channel three.

I just had to know if she’s heard!

I haven’t told my family how I have come to know Your son.

I am sure they must’ve noticed that something has been done!

My friend came by and I poured her a cup.

I would have told her about You, but You didn’t come up.

When I mention salvation, folks look at me strange.

If they don’t already know You, they don’t want to hear they need to change.

When I go to church, I listen. When they sing, I sing along.

The people at church know that I am saved.

I must not be too wrong.

I can’t seem to go to sleep. Think I’ll catch the late show.

I will talk to you tomorrow night, Lord. After all, I need to grow!

~Connie Robinson

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