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Kiss of Betrayal

In 2004 a movie directed by Mel Gibson took the theaters by storm. No one could have imagined the impact this movie would have. This movie was The Passion of The Christ. It has been said that the domestic total gross of the movie was $370,274,604.

I think a person would have to be made of stone to have watched this amazing account and not be broken, challenged and thankful.

The details of the crucifixion is found in several different passages in the scriptures.

I want to focus on a part of the last twelve hours of Christ leading up to the crucifixion, which is not always given a lot of thought. This act is the betrayal of a kiss.

Lets look at Matthew 26:48-49

48: Now he that betrayed him gave them a sign, saying whomsoever I shall kiss, that same is he.Hold him fast.

49: And forthwith he came to Jesus and said hail master; and kissed him.

I mean, Judas was offering up to the enemy the man who was not only his friend, but was also his savior. Why would he call him master? Why would he choose a kiss to point him out?

To be honest, I wanted to go find Judas and hang him myself!

I was forced to look inside myself as I reflected on these actions. I couldn’t get that kiss out of my mind.

We are called to be the bride of Christ. I have been married a long time. I know a little something about what it means to be a bride.

I have had many co-workers, acquaintances and friends. I care about these people. With all of these relationships, I am only a bride to one. What kind of bride would I be if I didn’t share a more intimate, deeper relationship with my husband than I do with others in my life?

Let’s look at this in our spiritual relationship with our heavenly bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

How many times has the Lord tried to draw me into an intimate time of worship with him? How often has he longed for me to take time to sit at His feet and learn of Him through His word? Do I often put those times off and just play a praise song while I go about my business and call it worship? Do I just pick a verse out to quickly read on my way out of the door? In these ways, am I betraying my bridegroom by just offering up a quick “kiss” instead of realizing the importance of my time alone with Him?

The word betray means to prove faithless. Am I proving to be faithless when I don’t take the time to develop into the bride He is calling me to be?

Let’s be honest. There are always times when we must get things done. We can’t always spend as much time with the Lord as we would like. We all have things we must attend to. Like with marriage, some time away focusing on other things won’t hurt. It is when we allow it to become what’s normal for us that our relationship will suffer. I feel that as we determine to set this time aside for Him, He will redeem the time we need for the other day-to-day things we are all responsible for.

The word discipline is where we get the word disciple. We must learn to discipline ourselves to set aside time to read His word, listen to His voice, and worship Him. In this time alone, we will truly learn what it is to become one with Him. Let’s not betray His love with a quick kiss… let’s truly enter into the intimate relationship with Him that He has designed for all of us.

~Connie Robinson

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