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Comfort and Joy

What does it mean to walk in comfort and joy anyway? I have been asking myself this same question.


For starters, what is comfort? Comfort means to “soothe, console, or reassure; bring cheer to, to make physically comfortable, to aid; support or encourage”. So looking at the meaning, and hooking it up with scripture, then when we say “Jesus is our comforter,”we are saying that He provides relief in our afflictions (healing), and He gives us peace.


I don’t know about you but I have not been walking in a lot of comfort and joy. At least not until recently when I got a breakthrough. You know when you take your eyes off of the one who gives you the comfort and joy and start to focus on all of the circumstances surrounding you that comfort and joy leaves you. You may be able to put on the façade of joy but it does not last long. I should know since I had been doing that for a while.


It is important that when thoughts that do not line up with God’s Word are flooding your mind, that you take those thoughts captive. I went to leadership for advice for assistance and was provided a good swift kick in the rear that I needed to help me get back on track. Don’t get me wrong, God had already been dealing with me about the price and the swift kick in the rear was done in love. It was the truth and the truth will set you free if you will listen. I chose to listen, and I have felt more joy and comfort than I have felt in months!


My focus has shifted to where it needs to be and not on the circumstances that have tried to infiltrate my mind. Will I have to battle thoughts in the future? I  know I will.


Gateway leaders are here to help you overcome all circumstances that has tried to present itself in your life. You just have to be willing to take correction and to change and grow. Showing up for services and ministry opportunities is a vital role in your spiritual growth. At one time it was said that 80% of our victory is just showing up. Spending personal time in the Word for yourself, worshiping and praying are also necessary in order to overcome obstacles and circumstances in your life. Trust in Him and His Word for His Word is His Will. He sent His son to die on the cross for our salvation, healing, comfort, and joy. Embrace the comfort and joy that comes from the love of our Father.


Ronda Sullivan


Image Credit © Tammy Sanders


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