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I happen to be one of those odd people who actually enjoy eating a lemon. However, most people do not. But how many of those people when they’re sitting on their porch with a warm summer breeze flowing through their hair, crave a refreshing ice-cold glass of lemonade! I personally enjoy a tall glass of lemonade just like the rest, but remind me, what is the main ingredient in lemonade (besides sugar)? Bingo! Lemons!

These past few weeks, I feel like I have been assaulted with lemon, after lemon, after lemon! At work, experiment after experiment seemed to fail or go disastrously wrong. I’ve been sick for two weeks with the flu followed by a lovely sinus infection. My family is now going to court against each other and I may have to testify for both the plaintiff and the defense. Talk about leaving a sour taste in your mouth! But…when I sit down at my piano and pour my heart out to God, or come together with my brothers and sisters in Christ on Sunday, or listen to our church’s live praise and worship or sermons online, I am overwhelmed with a supernatural peace and love. Overwhelmed by the sweet, sweet presence of God Almighty.
So I finally got tired of going from sweet to sour to sour to sweet. I made the decision to allow God to mix the two. I told God about my lemons and said, “Take them! I can’t deal with them on my own. I am going to trust You with my lemons.” Well, apparently that was exactly what God had been waiting for me to do! Once I released the worries and despairs in my life to Him, some amazing things have begun to happen. My health is greatly improved and continuing to with each day. I talked with my mentor about my “failed” results and we have come up with a new angle to present the data which is both pertinent and important to our field of research. My family situation is coming up next week, but after seeing how God has turned my lemons into some invigorating lemonade, I have no worries!

The Apostle Paul put it this way, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose” (Rom. 8:28). I see it as God is the master maker of amazing lemonade! He is faithful to take your lemons of life and turn them into a refreshing, life-giving beverage for you to enjoy. So stop with your puckered lips! Give those lemons to God and see what amazing lemonade He has waiting for you!

~Dr. Matt

Image Credit © Johanna Goodyear |


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