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In this season of birthing as you look around and see all the births taking place, it’s easy to get caught up in the here and now and forget that there was a process that took place for that birth to occur. Now, we all know that a beginning process must take place before birthing can even be thought about. It first starts with a seed being planted. From there you have the process of nurturing that which is in you, making sure you’re feeding it. Not just any old junk, but feeding it things that will help in its development. You go through the struggles of carrying it day after day, week after week, and month after month. As changes occur in you, you find you have to adjust the things that you once did and what you were used to and adapt to doing things a little different.

There’s one thing through the whole birthing process that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but yet is also something that a birthing cannot take place without: Exposure. If a mother doesn’t allow herself to be “exposed” to the doctor who has been sent there to help and guide her in the birthing process, closes herself off and refuses to push, then the birth will not happen. It’s the same way with something that God has planted in you.

You’ve carried that vision around with you for months and done the things to nurture it. When it’s time for that birthing to take place, if you haven’t gotten to the place where you can let your guard down and allow yourself be exposed, birth will not happen. It can only and will only happen when these two things are intertwined. The perseverance of you pushing and not giving up no matter how things look in the natural you believe on what is to come.

Just as a mother pushes harder the deeper she gets into delivery because she believes if she just keeps on pushing that baby will come.  Likewise you must allow yourself to be exposed; God can’t use you when you’re hiding yourself! How can you expect the birthing of what God put in you to occur if at every turn you are shying away or putting up a façade? If pride still rules in your life, you have not let yourself be exposed to God. You are still walking around with a façade that closes Him off to helping you. Don’t let fear keep you from birthing the gifts God has placed on the inside of you. Trust the process of faith, even if your miracle hasn’t manifested yet!


~Jevallye’ Beverly

Image Credit  © Micha Fleuren | Dreamstime Stock Photos


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