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Thank God I’m Odd!

Growing up I never considered myself “normal” (if such a thing even exists). Some people embrace their uniqueness, but alas I cried many a night because I was different from everyone else in one way or another. But today, I can truly say that I am wonderfully blessed to be such an odd cookie! Let me share some of the ways God has used my quirks for His Kingdom.

 I took piano lessons for twelve years while growing up. None of the other boys at school played piano, but I seemed to enjoy it. Well, several years later, all of those lessons are paying off as God has been able to use me with the Praise and Worship team to minister to multiple people in a unique way that I would never have been a part of otherwise.

Another oddity about me is that I’m a gaming geek. I am 37 years old and I still love playing both video games and board games. Let me give one example of why I’m thankful for this! My best friend, who used to attend this church, had drifted away from God. Many people judged him, but I still cared for him as a friend. Fortunately, we both really enjoyed playing video games together, so periodically we would get together to play. For about two years, I simply loved him where he was and would confront him about his sinful lifestyle as I felt the prompting by Holy Ghost. Within a few years, he married and recommitted his life to Christ. He now has an active relationship with God and we are still best friends. I by no means take full credit, but God was able to use my “odd” passion for games to play a role in the restoration of my brother.

 Let me share one last quirk about me for which I thank God. I am a HUGE Survivor fan! (I’ve even planned out an audition tape for getting on the show.) I find the reality TV show absolutely fascinating. However, I have built relationships with people I would have never dreamed possible because of our common love for the show. In fact, I currently have influence in the life of both an atheist as well as a muslim because of our shared interests in Survivor. God has opened opportunities for me to demonstrate God’s love to those whom I would have had little in common with otherwise, all because of my weird obsession for a reality TV show.
Whether you now think I’m odd or not, I will guarantee you that you’ll never find another man just like me ever again. I am one odd cookie! But you know what? God celebrates the uniqueness of who I am, so why shouldn’t I? So I say, “Thank God I’m odd!”

 ~ Dr Matt

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