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Where is Your Focus?

“Focus, focus, focus, you have to learn to focus.” How many of you have ever heard that in your lifetime? I know that I have. I have also been guilty of saying that same phrase or something similar. How about you?

As a teacher, I catch myself saying something similar like keep your eyes on your job, quit watching what someone else is doing. I teach students with special needs where there is a lot of repetition to master each task. There is also a lot of redirection to keep the focus on their task at hand.

In my classroom there are a lot of opportunities for students to get distracted. The slightest movement, change in routine, visitor to the room can cause them to lose their focus on their task. How many of us have bee guilty of letting the little things come in to take our focus off of the task that God has on doing? I have been guilty of that and I am sure you have been to. You might look at the new car your neighbor just bought and start thinking and focusing on wanting one as well. Before you know it, your focus is off of the task God has for you and it is on a new car. In Matthew it tells us to seek FIRST the Kingdom of God. When we seek God first despite the distractions He will take care of all that we need. He will provide for us.

So the next time that a distraction or circumstance presents itself to you just remember to keep your focus on God. Continue to seek Him in spite of what your circumstances are saying and He will take care of you.

~Ronda Sullivan

Image Credit @© Bobby Flowers | Dreamstime Stock Photos


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