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Walking Contagion!


Thank God for infections! Yes, you heard me correctly. Did you know that living on and in you are more bacteria than you have cells in your entire body? (Pause) Okay, now that you are recovering from the nausea of such an idea, let me explain. On your skin and lining your respiratory and gastrointestinal tract are millions of bacteria, without which you would be severely sick. Research has shown that if certain bacteria are not present in certain areas of the skin, specific diseases can occur.

In the intestinal tract, normal flora bacteria produce growth factors and nutrients which allow your cells to function, not only normally, but at a higher level than they ever could without the bacteria. Another way bacteria benefit you is by providing a competitive environment, where harmful and deadly bacteria can be hindered from causing disease.

Now think about the promises, dreams and hopes that God has given you as bacteria! You see, God’s principles are always revealed through His Word, and all of creation is literally His words manifested (Gen. 1-2). God desires for you to be “infected” with His plans and dreams for you and His Kingdom.

For example, when we hear from God concerning our purpose and destiny, a hope arises within us. This hope gives rise to faith and acts as a protective covering, much like bacteria on your skin, to help fight the lies and frustrations of circumstances from consuming God’s Word concerning you.

The Bible also says that God’s Word is the bread of life. Each time you allow a dream or prophetic word to grow and multiply within your spirit, you allow God’s Word over you to supply the “nutrients” needed for you to rise above the circumstances and ultimately walk into the manifestation of your dream.

You see, when we meditate on God’s Word, be it the scriptures or personal words from God, we allow God’s Word to be established as the “normal flora” of our lives. God’s Word now fights off the “evil bacteria” that come to try and steal our confession, our faith, our hope and our joy.

Now for the fun part! Do you know what is so great about bacteria? They can’t just stop by infecting one host! They are always looking for opportunities to infect and reproduce themselves in as many individuals as possible. Why? Because the more they spread, the greater they become (number-wise that is). So I ask you this question: What have you been doing to grow and reproduce God’s Word in you? Have others been infected with your dreams, your passion for God and His Kingdom?

If your answer is no, then stop being sterile! Throw away your spiritual antibiotic scrub-brush and embrace, cultivate, and spread the infectious words of God in your life. And soon, you will be a walking contagion for the Kingdom of God!

~Dr. Matt

Image Credit  © Johanna Goodyear | Dreamstime Stock Photos



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