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Careless Crossing


On May 11, 1965, I was in the ninth grade at Hamlet, N.C. High School. Mother would wake me up for school. I would get up, dress, eat breakfast, milk the cow, and catch the bus. I hated to milk our cow. She would usually slap me with her wet tail as I was milking. Since I was already dressed, the muddy tail usually got my shirt dirty. When this happened, I had to change and run to catch the bus.

That morning I got to school at 7:45, so I had fifteen minutes before school started. David, my friend, met me when I got off the bus. He suggested we go to the store across from the school. A bus student wasn’t suppose to leave the school grounds. I was fifteen and a typical teenager, rebellious and hated rules. My parents believed in corporal punishment, which kept my rebellion in check most of the time. Not this morning, I was already mad with having chores before school. I wanted some control over my own life, and was tired of obeying rules.

David and I took off for the store. I saw the crossing guard and didn’t want to get hasseled for leaving school grounds. There was a gate where we exited in the middle of the block. I looked both ways and then back to my left watching the x-ing guard with his back to us. I took off heading for the store. Bam! I was hit by a car. I never saw it.

My next memory was waking up, thinking I had to get up and go milk the cow. Then, I heard people talking and asking me questions. I was in shock in a hospital with a compound fracture and head injuries. Because of my injuries I had to be transported to Columbia, S.C. to a specialist.

It was a long painful ride. My mother rode in the back of the ambulance with me. I know it was her prayers and those of my family that spared my life. Thank God for a praying family and His mercy. One of my favorite verses is,” The Lord is not slack concerning His promises, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to usward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”~ 2 Peter 3:9

You might get by with rebellion for a season, but remember your sins will find you out.

~Ricky Robinson

Image Credit ©Tammy Sanders


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