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I remember twelve years ago when I heard God ask me to leave where I was at, and go to Gateway Believers Fellowship. It was decision time again. I had a choice to make to either follow God, or be rebellious and act like He never spoke to me. I chose to follow Him. You may ask was it easy? No!

I fought for two weeks before I made that commitment. I can tell you when I stepped foot into where God had called me to be, there was such a peace of knowing that I had had obeyed Him. It did not matter what all the other voices I heard was saying.

I wanted more of God, but I had to be willing to pay the price, and do what He told me to do. There will always come a time to go your own way.  Commitment is a continual process, and you will always need His grace to go where He wants to take you.

God told us we are in a new place.We have to be willing to do what is necessary to occupy this place. Making a commitment involves dedicating yourself, to someone, a thing, or a cause. It will require you to do something that you’ve not done before. Before you make a commitment count the cost, because it will cost you something.  Many are called, but few hear His voice. When you hear His voice, it will sustain you to persevere.

You may ask yourself, “What is keeping you from committing your  life fully to His cause?”

~Tammy Sanders

Image Credit: ©Tammy Sanders


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