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Happy birthday!


Spring is a time for birthing, and the month of May is no exception! May is the month that I celebrate my birthday. Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, my birthday has always been a bittersweet day.

Sweet in the fact that I LOVE celebrating birthdays! Growing up, this was the one day that I got to eat the most perfect dinner because the menu consisted only of my favorite foods. Friends and family would give me cards, money and gifts just for coming into this world on my special day. With so many wonderful things associated with birthdays, how could they be bitter?

Well, despite the fact that I loved birthday parties, I rarely got invited to any. And when I would invite the 15 to 20 kids that I wanted to come to my birthday party, I typically only had 2 or 3 that would come. Now don’t get me wrong, I thank God for my three faithful friends as a kid. But being rejected by so many of my peers always weighed my heart with sorrow. I would wonder if there was something wrong with me. Why didn’t people want to be my friend?

So each year as I continue to grow and prosper under God’s loving and faithful hand, these same mixed emotions are stirred up. But this year, things are different. You see, last year, God gave me a personal word. He told me that He couldn’t wait for me to be born! That He loves spending time with me! Now I’ve been meditating on this word for several months, but I am still blown away by it. My Father in Heaven has always celebrated my birth, even before it happened!!! So regardless of who remembers my birthday, or who may or may not call me, regardless of what may or may not happen on my birthday, I am going to celebrate and rejoice because my Father and Creator is going to celebrate with me.

Now I’ve shared this to provide you with some encouragement. You see, God doesn’t wait to love us only on our birthdays. God doesn’t wait to celebrate you just on one certain day out of the year. God rejoices, dances, and sings over you because of who you are! He loves you with a depth, width, height, and breadth that is insurmountable! So take time today to celebrate your Father, but also take time to rejoice in what He rejoices over…you! Happy birthday to you!

~Dr. Matt

Image Credit © Tammy Sanders


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